Meditation Instruction & Practice

Meditation is the straightest path back to yourself.  

Meditation is a simple and powerful practice that can help you reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance well-being. It is not about trying to force your mind to be silent, but about allowing the deeper calm to show itself. 

More about meditation and the Innocent Mind 

Practicing meditation correctly leads to a deepening contact with your Being, beyond the mind's activity. This practice frees the mind from conditioning, so it can become the beautiful, creative tool I call the Innocent Mind.

When you rediscover your Innocent Mind, you can be present with whatever is happening in the moment, without judgment or resistance. You also gain the capacity to make conscious choices about what kind of life experience you want to have. 

In addition to bringing you the keys to conscious manifestation, meditation can help you cultivate a calm and clear mind, a compassionate and open heart, and a balanced and harmonious life.

We need 3 things when it comes to meditation: 

This is why I have developed three offers.

Choose between three offers for meditation:

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If you are new to meditation, or have never received reliable instruction, and notice no beneficial effects from your practice, this option is for you. 

I will teach you a simple and effective traditional Vedic mantra meditation technique.  We  will practice it together, making sure that you understand the process, both intellectually and experientially.  We will talk about the practical aspects of a regular meditation practice and how you can make it happen. After our session, you will know how to meditate, handle pitfalls, and recognize the signs of progress.

Don’t worry, we will keep it as simple as possible, and there will be enough time for your questions and any smiles that want to happen.  

At any point on your meditation journey, you might go through times when your mind is so restless that it’s hard to even sit down. Ironically, that’s when you need meditation the most. 

At other times, you might hit a plateau, meaning that you sit for the required time, but all you do is listen to the turbulence of your mind, and comment on it. 

In both these cases, you can benefit from meditating with me because I am an experienced meditator, and the shared resonance will bring you deeper than usual.

 This is a silent 1-on-1 practice, where you can feel safe following my lead.  Depending on your needs, we will do breathing exercises, and will then dive into deep, healing meditation together. 

Available as a single or in different packages.

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is a powerful meditation technique that can help you relax deeply, heal your body, mind, and emotions, and access your inner wisdom. You will experience many benefits, including deep rejuvenation and increased energy.

You will lie down in a comfortable position, and I will guide you through a process that unlocks access to the different layers of your being, bringing you back to wholeness.

As you arrive at the deepest level of yourself, you will introduce a conscious intention (sankalpa) which will start the process of creation right away. 

The yoga nidra process is extremely powerful, so make sure that you intend an outcome your soul truly desires.  If in doubt, book a Counseling session first. 

Dear Aurora, I have done two sessions and it feels great, and I was surprised by feeling my chakras activating very strongly during the mantras.  Thank you so much! Love and hugs.

Margherita Rüeger


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Frequently Asked Questions

about my Meditation Services

How long is a meditation session? 

What do meditation services cost? 

See the prices for meditation sessions and for the discounted packages on the Booking page. 

I have never worked with you, can we meet first? 

If you have not worked with me before and want to see if the chemistry is right, you are more than welcome to book a FREE Introductory Meeting (15 minutes).

Are there options for healing besides meditation? 

Yes, I also offer Counseling and remote Innocent Mind Healing sessions. Check out the Services page.  

Where do we meet? 

We meet in my video chatroom on Google Meet. It is very easy to join and you don’t need to download anything. You just click the link in your confirmation email.

For more details, visit the FAQ page. 

I have other questions 

Please check out the FAQ page and the Terms and Conditions

If you your answer is not there, feel free to contact me. 

"Thanks Aurora! I feel both relieved, cleansed, replenished, elated and expanded."



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