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2. Innocent Mind Counseling

60' video meeting to address any issue, e.g. physical/emotional well-being, relationships, work and finances, self-realization. 

3. Meditation Instruction & Practice

60' video meeting to help you start your practice of meditation, deepen it, or learn how to manifest from your Innocent Mind. Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic principles. 

60' Online video meeting to help you start your practice of meditation. You will learn to meditate with a mantra and reconnect with your Innocent Mind. We will discuss practical aspects, pitfalls and signs of spiritual progress, and will meditate together. Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic principles. Meditation improves all aspects of life. 

A 30' session of online video meditation together with me. Helps you reach deeper, make faster progress, even if your mind should be very stressed. A great way to help you deepen and solidify your meditation practice and well-being. Choose one or several sessions.  

60' online video meeting for deep relaxation and manifestation. I will guide you through a session of Yoga Nidra, to help you access your Innocent Mind and manifest your soul vision. Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic principles. Make sure that you are clear on what outcome your soul desires, or book a counseling session first. 

4. Innocent Mind Healing

30' remote healing sessions (NO video) to help you release blockages in body, energy and mind, and access your freedom and joy. Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic principles. 

5. Life Coaching

Receive my close support through a thorough initial investigation of your situation, weekly counseling, daily remote healing, and constant email contact, to help you make great progress on your path to your best self and life. 

6. Free Intro Meeting

If you have not worked with me before, consider booking a FREE Introductory Meeting to see if we are a good match!