Innocent Mind Counseling

If you want to leave behind suffering and live in joy.

  Is your body not well?

⚪    Do you not feel joy?

  Are some relationships particularly challenging?

  Are you less than excited about starting a new day?

  Are you lacking what you need to fulfill your purpose?

  Does it feel like you're constantly swimming against the current?

Why Am I Suffering? How Can I Heal?   

Somewhere deep inside, you probably know that life is not supposed to be a struggle. But at times, it might seem like the struggle never ends. You might end up feeling depressed, angry, or hopeless, exhausted, guilty or resentful, and most of all, you might start feeling alone. 

But you are far from alone. You are actually immersed in an ocean of intelligent love that wants nothing more than to open you up, so that you can feel whole and fulfilled again.

Suffering is the result of a mistaken sense of identity. You are not the person you believe you are, a fragile separate entity constantly chasing reasons for happiness and fighting off problems. You are the infinite awareness in which the personal life story arises ceaselessly. Life is on your side and has always been. The life flowing through you guides you constantly towards higher and better. You just need to discover how to hear its guidance, and how to align with it. 

There are blockages we can’t see or handle by ourselves. I would love to be your partner in discovering and removing the barriers that hinder your freedom and keep you stuck in repetitive patterns.

Together we can uncover your natural joy, explore your personal life purpose, deepen your power to manifest the life you want, and address any aspect of life that challenges you.

"Thank you dear Aurora for kind words and fabulous guidance!! It’s so awesome, when I end up in situations where I first wonder why I react or what to do, I can just scroll back to our conversations and I always find keys."

Karin Homann


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Reconnecting to your Innocent Mind will bring you many gifts

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Both body and mind will bloom the more you release the old constricted, fearful states of being.

New ways of thinking and living will become possible; necessary changes will be obvious and easy, and you will effortlessly become a new kind of person, more aligned with your authentic self.

First you need to find the courage to open up to your true feelings about any situation. Then you need to learn to understand your own guidance, and act on it.

That is how your Innocent Mind will show you that life is not your enemy. In truth, you are one with life. 

As you become comfortable being the source of everything you experience, feelings of gratitude, compassion, generosity, love and joy will be natural. They will  nourish you and everyone around. 

Life is great when you are permanently in love!

Your Innocent Mind is aligned with universal intelligence and infinite abundance. 

Lack is an impossibility when you are the very source of everything that has manifested in your life. 

When you regain access to your innocence and realize how things work, the question becomes: what am I manifesting, and why?

Regain your innocence and learn how to manifest your authentic desires instead of your fears, for the benefit of all beings. 

There is nothing more sad than living a life that is wrong for you. 

This can happen if you have listened to other voices than the one of your Innocent Mind when making your life, work and career choices.

But you are here to live your purpose, and you have everything needed to succeed.

 No matter how far astray you have been led, if you reconnect with your Innocent Mind, it will direct you back to your highest purpose and success in the straightest possible line. 

Reconnect with your Innocent Mind and you will leave behind any tendency to chase after others who should fill the void and make you feel safe and loved, important or valuable. 

Instead, you will discover the intense love and fulfillment residing in your transcendent self, and you will have abundant gifts of kindness, generosity and playfulness to share with the equally fulfilled and loving people you will attract in your life.

Your relationships will become what they are meant to be: opportunities to enjoy and celebrate each person’s value and completeness, together. 

The constant chaos and immense suffering in our world will no longer make you feel powerless or depressed. 

Having reconnected with your Innocent Mind, you will have clarity about what actually creates suffering. You will no longer engage in actions that do not help, and can instead direct your energy towards rectifying the results of illusory separation.

Your every thought, emotion or action, and your very presence will catalyze deep healing for everyone around. Your impact will be that of a bright light in any type of darkness. 

"It’s definitely hard to see your own issues. I already knew but didn’t have the power to face them. I don’t know how you do it, but you make it easy to see, and I believe you took away my pain. Thanks Aurora. I’ll be back."


Great Britain

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Frequently Asked Questions

about Innocent Mind Counseling

How is Innocent Mind Healing different? 

Innocent Mind Counseling is different because it doesn't simply deal with psychological issues. 

The focus is on your exploration of who you really are, and on your liberation from unnecessary suffering and limitations. 

I coined the term Innocent Mind to refer to a mind freed from conditioning and in touch with your transcendent or spiritual self (see my book Healing Is Child's Play).

How long is a counseling session? 

A counseling session is 60 or 90 minutes.  You decide!

What does Counseling cost? 

See the prices for a single counseling session and for the discounted packages on the Booking page. 

Where do we meet? 

We meet in my video chatroom on Google Meet. It is very easy to join, you just click the link in your confirmation email.

For more details, visit the FAQ page. 

Are there options for healing besides counseling? 

Yes, there are other ways to heal that don’t involve discussing your issues. 

Check out the Meditation and Healing offers or see the Services page.  

I've never worked with you, can we meet first? 

If you have not worked with me before and want to see if the chemistry is right, you are more than welcome to book a FREE Introductory Meeting (15 minutes).

I have other questions 

Please check out the FAQ page and the Terms and Conditions

If you your answer is not there, feel free to contact me. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon in my video chatrooma gentle and safe space for transformation and healing.

Let's speed up your journey to authentic freedom, power and joy!