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Counseling Services

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"Aurora’s guidance is imbued equally by the joy of life, integrity, presence, and courage to speak out, even if the truth is provocative. There’s an insight in her working method, about spiritual healing on a very deep level."

Anna Gordh Humlesjö, Yoga Dance Flow


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Meditation Instruction & Practice

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"During the session I easily went into a deep meditation, as I felt so comfortable with you. I love what you’re doing, and send prayers and blessings for you to shine more and more lives ."

Reena Ree


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Remote Healing

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"I am so incredibly grateful for what you have already accomplished in one session, and for wanting to give her healing for two more days, I am full of positivity! "

Frida Salerud


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Life Coaching

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"Whenever I need support between the coaching sessions I can sit down and write her an email, and ACTUALLY almost immediately receive a heart felt and wise answer. It means a lot to me. Aurora is there like a rock, steadfast in her purpose to heal and discover falsehoods that can lead me astray. She is a hand to hold and a dialogue partner on my journey inward. She says she’s just a loudspeaker for my own being, but she’s more than that, she is a necessary and loving support in my process, full of wisdom and good will. "

Fredrik Hallberg 


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