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Counseling Services

Read more about Innocent Mind Counseling.

"Aurora’s guidance is imbued equally by the joy of life, integrity, presence, and courage to speak out, even if the truth is provocative. There’s an insight in her working method, about spiritual healing on a very deep level."

Erase Suffering Process (ESP)

Read more about the Erase Suffering Process.

"Very powerful. Liberating! It really went deep. A process that felt incredibly safe, I felt secure in the way you did it. I felt empowered, you made sure that I was always in control. It has clearly unlocked blockages that previously seemed permanent."

Meditation Services

Read more about Meditation.

"I adore the sound of your voice which wraps around me and permeates me magically. There is perfect harmony that emanates from your Program. Yes, I warmly recommend it to everybody."

Healing Services

Read more about Innocent Mind Healing.

"HEALING – absolutely fantastic, so effective against infections and high fevers, it has no side effects and gives quick results. Aurora is so skillful. I wish more people become aware of this amazing treatment."

Other Services

Here you can book a 30′ Free Introductory Meeting if you haven’t met me yet, or a Sponsorship option to help someone who can’t afford to pay. 

Aurora Carlson
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