Hello, I am Aurora Carlson, experienced Ayurvedic counselor, energy healer and life-coach. My passion is meditation and raising consciousness. I have helped thousands of people to a happier, more soul-driven life.

How can I help you?

New Book Release:

Healing Is Child’s Play -How to Regain Your Innocent Mind and Easily Heal Anything

This book turns a painful worldview upside down and gives you back your power of conscious creation.

You will no longer be helpless before small or big challenges when you understand yourself deeply and learn to reconnect to your Innocent Mind. Prepare to become a force for good, a healer in everyone’s life, easily dealing with any kind of suffering, individual or collective.

Healing Is Child’s Play is a manual for anyone ready to manifest a harmonious life for themselves and the planet. It brings clarity on the true causes of suffering and offers practical tools to heal any problem related to health, relationships, work and career, finances, and more – for yourself and anyone you choose to help. But you will go even further! As an Innocent Mind healer, you will be able to heal animals and the ecosystem, restore harmony in troubled regions and even balance the climate.

The best part is that you will discover that healing is easy and fun. By regaining your innocence, you will be free to play, enjoy and allow your authentic desires to shine, manifesting a fulfilling life and a more beautiful world than you thought possible.

Available as paperback, hardcover or e-book at online bookstores worldwide. Visit healingischildsplay.com.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our conversations and the healing. There is so much I am grateful for, so much has happened during this time. To think that such “small” things can mean so much.  Becoming aware is an exciting journey. It’s one thing to know in your mind and another to feel your heart and whole body bubble with joy. That feeling- I want more of it!

Karen H. – USA

My Services:


One meaningful hour of online counseling. We can discuss any issue that troubles you. You will receive a fresh perspective and clear advice.

Innocent Mind Healing

Remote healing sessions to restore any aspect of life. Choose between 30 or 60 minutes.

Counseling + Remote Healing

Always best to combine counseling and healing. One hour online counseling plus 30 min remote healing to heal hurtful beliefs, cleanse the distortions in your biofield and mind, and find your life purpose.

Life- Coaching

Make fast progress in this one-on-one online coaching program. Choose between 4 or 8 weeks. Included: thorough initial assessment of your situation, weekly counseling, weekly remote healing sessions & daily email contact and guidance.

Aurora is there like a rock, steadfast in her purpose to heal and discover falsehoods that can lead me astray. She is a hand to hold and a dialogue partner on my journey inward. She says she’s just an amplifier for the voice of my own being, but she’s more than that, she is a necessary and loving support in my process, full of wisdom and good will.

Fredrik Hallberg – Sweden

New to my work?

Contact me with questions or book a 15 min free introductory meeting on Zoom/Messenger to ask me anything and see if our chemistry is right