Tackling the Pandemic with Ayurveda

This is a series of videos about how a deeper knowledge of our identity and capacity, as explained in the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga can help us tackle the current pandemic and all the interrelated challenges we face.

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Part 1

There are three ways in which people meet the pandemic. I discuss these ways and describe what Ayurveda is and what it can offer you to strengthen your health and connection with Nature. I also describe what I want to cover in the coming videos. At the end I offer 4 key takeaways.

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Part 2

In order to be able to tackle any challenge, we need to first understand who we are. I discuss our true identity and the 5-step process that you use to create your physical body and person. I also explain why one of these layers is the one we need to change in order to access our wisdom and higher guidance when we face challenges. The next video will adress how to make that change.

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Part 3

To wisely meet the pandemic, we need good guidance. I discuss the three types of mind and which one we need to nourish in order to be able to hear our deeper guidance at every step in challenging times.

In the next video I will give practical tips on the best ways to achieve that.

Part 4

How exactly can we take our mind from stuckness, restlessness, fear or aggression to calm, serenity and a clarity of the right action? I give 5 tips on the most effective things you can do.

Part 5

Let’s do remote healing for a loved one or yourself!

I’m guiding you through a session of energy healing for yourself or a loved one, regardless of location. All you need in order to be able to do this is to go deep within your Being and to allow yourself to be uncomplicated, childlike and playful.

For a more analytical explanation about why we are able to heal from a distance check out the earlier videos in this series.

Your Money Or Your Life? Financial Well-Being in Uncertain Times

The pandemic threatens the world’s economies. What advice do wisdom traditions like Ayurveda and Yoga give us when it comes to our financial well-being in times of challenges? What can you and me do right now to handle the moment in the most evolutionary and best way?

More materials

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Aurora Carlson works as a counselor, life-coach, healer and teacher of Ayurveda, meditation and skillful living.  She has created this platform to bring tools for well-being and self-realization to as many as possible.

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