Life Coaching, 8 Week Program


Right now there are 3 free spots for life coaching starting June 2021! Contact me if you are interested. 

A personal, one-on-one 8 week life coaching program with Aurora Carlson, experienced Ayurvedic counselor, life-coach, healer and meditation teacher.

Discover who you truly are, what you want in life and how you can achieve it in the fastest and easiest way.



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If you wish to make rapid progress in your life, we will give 8 weeks of full attention to the discovery of who you truly are, what you want from the depth of your being and how you can achieve it in the fastest and easiest way.

You will have my continuous attention, companionship and advice on the journey and will receive practical tools to transform your consciousness and your life.

Included are: 

  • thorough initial assessment of your situation
  • 8 one-on-one online counseling sessions
  • 8 Innocent Mind Healing sessions
  • daily personal email contact

We connect through Skype, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp or any other platform that works for us both. I work globally in English, Swedish, German* and Romanian.

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*For coaching or counseling in German please contact me before purchasing. 


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