Innocent Mind Healing – 60 min (video call)


60 minutes remote Innocent Mind Healing through an online video platform like Zoom or Messenger.

After placing your order you will receive a link to my calendar where you can book a time that suits you.

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We meet in a 60 minutes video session where you describe the physical, emotional and/or practical challenges you face. I proceed with a remote Innocent Mind Healing session which includes:

* scanning your subtle system

* a thorough cleansing of blockages that are ready to be released at this time, on all levels.

* realignment with your archetypal layer (life purpose and direction)

* realignment with your bliss layer (the joy of living)

* replenishing your entire system with focus on the areas that need it most.

* a special procedure to improve a relationship or your finances, to boost your work/career, or to manifest a good outcome. This depends on your situation.

Note that I also offer a combination of healing and counseling. Remote healing is also included in the life coaching and business development packages.

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