Counseling + Healing, 90 min


1 hour Counseling followed by 30 minutes of Innocent Mind Healing.  For increased clarity in mind, body and soul.

You will be invited to book an available time in my online calendar (within the next 30 days).  A link to the calendar will be sent to you in the confirmation email after you make your payment. Contact me if you prefer to make a manual booking.



A 90 minutes online Counseling + Innocent Mind Healing session begins with a careful examination of your situation. I will listen to your story and ask you questions. We will then discuss what you consider problems and see if they need to be rephrased. When we have agreed on what you want to change I will give you practical, clear advice for how you can do that.

After the 1 hour conversation, I will do an Innocent Mind Healing session of 30 minutes. We can continue to be connected online, or if you prefer we can hang up and you can rest/meditate while I work on your subtle system.

We connect on Zoom/Messenger/WhatsApp/Viber or any other platform that works for us both.

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