Prana Healing

Prana Healing

Replenish your life energy

Most often used for:

Overcoming fear, anger, grief or depression

Harmonizing relationships

Acute or chronic health concerns

Support before or after surgery

Revitalizing finances

Boosting the vitality of a business or project

Urgent energy support for loved ones

Supporting your spiritual growth

Absolutely fantastic! So effective against infections and high fevers, it has no side effects, gives quick results and is also free for children. Aurora is so skillful. Wish more people became aware of this amazing treatment. Thanks from the heart!

Carina Nilsson, Sweden

Prana healing is a method of directing Prana (universal vital energy) to help living beings thrive and evolve. Prana is a Sanskrit term used in Ayurveda and Yoga, but many other ancient healing traditions have taught methods to handle the human energy field even from a distance.

Modern science is increasingly interested in researching the human biofield and phenomena like long-distance communication or the effects of intention on our DNA . The recently discovered Primo Vascular System is believed to be a biological correspondent of the meridians, the energy channels through which our prana circulates. My hope is that we will soon have a better collective understanding of the phenomenon of healing and will include this important tool in all types of modern healthcare.

How: You message me with a short description of what you want help with. We connect through video or audio (optional). I use energy tools to transform your situation and after the session, I message you with a few impressions. If you wish, you can then give me feedback about the changes that follow.

Where: Prana healing can be done remotely. Your location doesn’t matter. I work globally.

When: You book a time that suits you in my calendar after you place your order. Or, if it’s urgent, I’ll do the session as soon as possible after you contact me.

How long: A healing session is 30 minutes.

Can I receive both counseling and healing? Yes, check HERE.

Further questions? Feel free to contact me or, if you have not worked with me before, book a FREE introductory meeting.

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1. What is Prana?

Prana (even called Chi, Qi, Ki, bioenergy, Kausay Pacha, etc) is the Sanskrit name for the sum total of all universal energy. One of its forms is the intelligent energy which gives life to all living beings, thus even to you and me.
Prana is our subtle nourishment and exists everywhere around us and within us. Healers, Yogis and Qi gong or Tai chi masters learn to handle this energy in conscious ways. Modern research on the human biofield has started to confirm the ancient knowledge.

2. When Prana is flowing: growth and well-being

When prana is flowing freely and abundantly through a human being, the mind and body are healthy, strong and full of vitality. Every cell of the body receives high quality energy and uses it to do its work and to repair itself as needed. Balance is kept and the person feels nourished and fulfilled.

An abundant flow of prana allows the human mind to function in a heightened state of awareness, giving rise to life-affirming thoughts, awareness of opportunities and emotions like contentment, joy, kindness, playfulness and generosity. The person feels connected to other people and all of life. Having access to abundant prana helps us advance more easily on our spiritual path.

3. When Prana isn’t flowing: decay and disease

When there are blocks in the subtle channels and prana can not refresh, isn’t properly absorbed or is being wasted, the cells of the physical body will start to function improperly, the internal balance of the organism will not be upheld and various diseases will manifest.

At the same time, the mind will function at a lower level of energy, perceiving and creating problems, conflicts and lack, and giving rise to toxic emotions like fear, anger, guilt or depression. Physical health, relationships or professional life will not function properly and the subjective feeling will be of frustration, stagnation and unhappiness or even threat. When the intelligence of prana isn’t nourishing us, we feel separate from and abandoned by people and life.

4. How does Prana Healing work?

Prana Healing works in four steps:

  1. I direct my full attention to you and scan your biofield (your aura, chakras and nadis, the energetic state of your organs and tissues, your emotional state and karmic patterns) and note if there are regions of lack or stagnant energy. I also note any other information I receive about your situation and what is needed in order for you to arrive at a higher state of well-being.
  2. I remove blockages from your subtle body which cause your level of prana to be low, so that your life energy can flow more freely. As soon as it starts flowing again, prana begins healing any disturbances which have caused the present problem in your mind-body or life. This cleansing is very important and it is a step often absent in other types of healing. The amount of blockages that can be removed in one healing session depends on how ingrained they are and how willing you are to release old habits of being, thinking, feeling and functioning. With every session the blockages are either removed or partially dissolved. Doing several sessions a few hours or days apart adds greatly to the clearing effect. In general, the more long-term the problem you face, the more healing sessions will be needed.
  3. After the cleansing that was possible at this time, the next step is to direct fresh prana into your system to replenish and boost your personal energetic system. Different chakras, organs and tissues and different physical, mental, emotional and karmic situations need different types and amounts of energy. I adjust the vibration/color and intensity of the energy according to the situation and direct it to you. Some people who are very sensitive can perceive light of different colors in their inner vision during both cleansing and replenishing, but the energy can also be felt as temperature differences, pressure or other sensations. Not everyone perceives this activity, but nevertheless, the process is working with precision.The Prana that you now receive is of the highest quality, because it is not derived from a me as a person but comes from nature itself and in certain cases from a transcendent source. The fresh prana helps rejuvenate your entire system so you can access and keep your next level of health, well-being and insight.
  4. The last step of Prana Healing is securing the energy, which means that I do a procedure to help the volatile Prana remain in your system until it is completely absorbed, so it can help you become the new you that you wish to be.
5. Do I need to do anything? What will I feel during the healing session?

If possible, I recommend that you sit or lie down comfortably during the healing session with your eyes closed and your attention in the body, with a relaxed and receptive attitude, and that you see to it that you are not disturbed. However, it is not a problem if you are busy and active. It is also perfectly all right if you are asleep, so if you live in another timezone than mine (Central Europe), you can very well book healings during your nights.

The subjective feeling during a healing session can be very different from one person to another. You might experience heat or tingling, a cool relaxation, the sensation of expansion, slight twitching or vibration. You might see bright white light or different colors in your inner vision. Images, sounds or other impressions from your past might come up. You might feel blissful or start to cry. Or you might not feel anything in particular and only notice -in the following days and weeks- that things are different in you and around you.

Because of the volatility of Prana, I recommend not taking a shower or bath 1-2 hours after the healing. If possible, give yourself some extra rest afterwards. It is also good if you act on any new, loving, creative impulses that might arise after the healing.

6. What should I expect after the Prana Healing sessions?

Expect more well-being in all domains of your life, especially the specific one we worked on, but not only. Your blockages will be removed or partially dissolved and you might observe this effect immediately or in the weeks after the sessions. For physical problems, you will most often see an immediate improving of your condition. For problems in other areas of life, you will notice solutions arising where none were seen before and help coming from people and directions you might not have expected. You will experience more joy, flow and ease.

However, it is important to know that sometimes you might experience a seeming “down” before the “up”. This is because as we work on a problem, different layers of blockages and resistance will surface, even such patterns that have caused you problems without your awareness of them. Things you haven’t been able to deal with in the past might now come up to be released, because you now have much more energy (Prana) for your healing. This is a positive unfolding and nothing to worry about. Just remind yourself that you are now releasing such that you don’t need in your life anymore, take extra care of yourself and if you need extra support and guidance during this phase- please consider a counseling session.

Note on life-threatening situations and terminal diseases: Prana Healing has the potential to change any outcome. But every being has its own will and evolutionary plan, so my intention can never force itself on someone. In the case when the soul chooses to discontinue manifesting itself as this particular form, the extra Prana it receives will contribute to a smooth transition and an energized journey onward.

7. Do I still go to the doctor?

Prana healing is always a good complement but it is not meant to replace a visit to the doctor. In some cases, the healing will even manifest the best doctor or the best conventional or integrative treatment for you. Be open-minded, follow your intuition and allow your healing to happen in the best way.

8. Do I need to meet you in person?

You are most welcome to receive healing in person here in Sweden, but meeting with me in person is not required for the healing to be just as effective. I work from a non-local domain and I can easily access your energy patterns regardless of your or my physical location.

9. Who can benefit from Prana healing?

Anyone can benefit – children, adults, animals, plants, families, groups, businesses, geographic regions. In human beings, prana healing works on all levels of life, so it can rectify imbalances in all domains – physical health, relationships, work, finances, creative projects and so on. Wherever your life isn’t flowing properly- Prana Healing can help.

However, there are some things to consider:

  • in general, children and animals will heal faster than adults.
  • Prana Healing will quickly rectify superficial problems, but for chronic diseases and severe problems, which are most often rooted in deeper mental and emotional patterns, several sessions of Prana Healing will be required and the healing will work best in combination with counseling or life-coaching.
10. Can I seek your help for specific problems?

Absolutely. We will work on whatever bothers you. Many times, a few Prana Healing sessions are enough and your blockage is out of the way.

But as all aspects of your life are interrelated, sometimes the healing will lead us to other issues than the ones which were visible on the surface. For example, physical ailments or financial backsets are most often connected to our relationship patterns and core beliefs. As we work with Prana, the different layers of a problem might surface to be rebalanced and rectified.

11. What types of problems do you work on?

Prana is the energy of life itself, it can work on any problem and change any outcome, as long as the intention comes from pure love and is aligned with the highest intelligence of life.

I work with big or small issues, with children and adults, animals and plants, relationships, financial challenges; I also work with regional conflicts and weather phenomena. Most typically, people require my help for the following issues:

  • relationship problems
  • help to overcome fear, anger, grief or depression
  • acute or chronic health concerns
  • support before or after surgery
  • financial problems and support to boost creativity or the vitality of a business/project
  • acute help and support for loved ones who are in difficult situations
  • help to advance on the spiritual path
12. Prana healing, counseling or both?

It is certainly possible to work with prana alone, especially for more simple issues or for general situations when you just need to clear out the old and fill up with fresh energy.

There are also many cases when a separate session of counseling can give you the guidance and support you need at this moment on your path.

But if the issues you face are chronic, complicated, or have caused you problems for a long time, or if you are very dedicated to your inner work, it is better and easier for you to heal with the help of combined healing-counseling sessions or life-coaching. That is because as Prana clears out the old energy patterns, you receive guidance and support and you gain an intellectual understanding of what is happening and how you can live as a wiser and happier being.