Life Coaching

Life Coaching


What my clients most often desire:

More love and joy in life

More fulfilling relationships

Better health

More success in one’s work or to find one’s passion

More money, appreciation or creativity

A feeling of vitality and power

More self-insight

More spiritual clarity and knowledge

So much of this incredible journey was made with the help of Aurora – my friend, my coach, my healer and so much more! I could never imagine this journey but with Auroras help I now have a life filled with love on so many levels. You will always be by my side and we will stay connected – forever – always – in love. I love you with all my heart <3

Therese Magnusson, Sweden

The Life Coaching 4 week (or 8-week) program includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of your situation

Before we start, I will ask you to either email me with your story or fill in a few forms for a first picture of your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual situation. We will then embark on a journey of discovering in what way your inner being wants to grow and evolve.

  • One hour of soul-to soul online conversation each week

We discuss what is happening in your life, your immediate and long term goals, what is blocking your way and how you can change that. You will become clear on what you wish to change each week and will receive advice and guidance on how to do that practically. We connect on Skype or any other platform that works for us both.

  • One 30 min. session of Innocent Mind Healing each week

This will help you with the extra spiritual, mental and physical energy needed for the changes you wish to make. I will do the healing session in the early morning the same day when we have our conversation. This will not impact on your schedule, you are free to follow your routine or even sleep at that time. If you wish you can of course sit and meditate during the 30 minutes, or rest and observe the sensations in your body brought about by the increased flow of energy.

  • Constant email contact throughout the 4 (or 8) weeks

You can email me as much as you wish with questions, thoughts and reflections, or to simply share what is on your mind and heart. I will read with full attention and you will receive one thorough answer from me daily. In this way your process can be continuous and you can receive guidance and clarification exactly when you need them. This is one of the aspects of the coaching that are especially valued by most of my clients.

Examples of tools you will receive:

  • Advice on simple lifestyle and attitude changes that can improve your life dramatically
  • In-depth relationship advice
  • Ayurvedic recommendations for better nourishment and increased vitality
  • Meditation instruction and/or guidance
  • Recommendations for yoga and breathing exercises
  • Different tools to increase your level of energy, insight and presence
  • Tools to clarify, evolve and manifest your goals

I just had to write, I’m bursting with joy.  I am already taking the next step forward! Thank you Aurora for taking me on this journey! I will make so many more discoveries.” 

Eva N. – Canada