Innocent Mind Healing

Replenish your life energy

Most often used for:

Overcoming fear, anger, grief or depression

Harmonizing relationships

Acute or chronic health concerns

Support before or after surgery

Revitalizing finances

Boosting the vitality of a business or project

Urgent energy support for loved ones

Supporting your spiritual growth

Absolutely fantastic! So effective against infections and high fevers, it has no side effects, gives quick results and is also free for children. Aurora is so skillful. Wish more people became aware of this amazing treatment. Thanks from the heart!

Carina Nilsson, Sweden

Innocent Mind Healing is a remote healing method described in my book “Healing Is Child’s Play”. It is a very effective way to help living beings thrive and evolve, while improving all aspects of their life. Healing each person and life contributes to the healing of our entire planet.

Modern science is increasingly interested in researching the human biofield and phenomena like long-distance communication or the effects of intention on our DNA . My hope is that we will soon have a better collective understanding of the phenomenon of healing and will include this important tool in all types of modern healthcare.

How: You message me with a description of what you want help with. We connect in a video meeting, or I work without personal contact at an agreed-upon time, depending on what alternative you choose. From transcendent awareness, I activate the highest possible transformation of your situation. If we have not had video contact, I will message you with a few impressions after each session. If you wish, you can send me feedback about the life changes that follow.

Where: Innocent Mind Healing is done remotely. Your location doesn’t matter. I work globally.

When: You book a time that suits you in my calendar after you place your order. Or, if it’s urgent, I’ll do the session as soon as possible after you contact me.

How long: A healing session is 30 or 60 minutes, depending on what you choose. A 30 minute session includes a general healing, while the 60 minutes session also ads work done for specific areas like relationships, finances, work, career or the outcome of projects/situations.

Can I receive both counseling and healing? Yes, check HERE.

Further questions? Feel free to contact me or, if you have not worked with me before, book a FREE introductory meeting.

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