If You Want to Change the World

If we see a lake as a metaphor for the body and physical world, then the sky is the mind reflecting itself in it. Such is the nature of our inner- outer world, the one is subtle and impossible to hold, the other is concrete, but still running through our fingers with the flow of time. Both inner and outer world are constantly changing, always corresponding to each other. 

Many people try to change the world without having noticed the mind-sky. That is as futile as seeing clouds in a lake and trying to move them there. Other people who have noticed that our mind is mirrored in our body and world, are putting great effort into changing their or other people’s mind. Even that is difficult if “I” means the body, because a body can’t do more about thoughts than a lake can do about the clouds mirrored in it. 

What we need to notice in order to consciously change anything about the landscape is the observer of the landscape. Not the mindbody and world, but the observer of the mindbody and world. The presence in which both body, mind and world appear goes unnoticed by most people. 

If that presence is noticed and eventually realized to be the actual Self, then the whole landscape of mindbody and world is seen to be a creation of the Self. Look at the sky, look at the lake- they are both sensory phenomena and mental concepts evoked in the presence that you are. So are your body and mind, they are likewise visual, auditory or tactile sensations, feelings and thoughts- all of them arising in the aware presence that is you. 

Knowing yourself to be the observer and projector of the landscape, you can easily change it consciously through intention. This doesn’t take any effort at all, no more than it takes effort to intend to speak or walk. The intention is neither a muscle contraction nor a thought activity produced by the brain, therefore it doesn’t require energy. Intention belongs to the presence that is the real Self, not to the mindbody. 

Realizing the real Self and the way it constructs the mindbody and world changes everything. If you truly understand that both mind, body and world are your own projection, then you can no longer be fearful, worried, frustrated or angry. All you need to do if you don’t like the landscape is to intend from your presence beyond. 

Then why don’t all my intentions change the world, you might ask. They do, but as long as your identity is caught in the movie of life and you believe you are a particular person, your intention is weak, conflicted, scattered and often opposed by other forces. Only when you have freed yourself from the conditioned belief that you are an object can you thoroughly remember that you are the presence which creates the thought and sensation of objects. 

Aurora Carlson works as a counselor, life-coach, healer and teacher of Ayurveda, meditation and skillful living.  She has created this platform to bring tools for well-being and self-realization to as many as possible.

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