Erase Suffering

Suffering arises when the mind is stuck in the experience of pain.

Are you experiencing repeated or persistent emotional pain? Do you have recurring traumatic or painful memories? Are you actively avoiding certain topics, places or situations? Do you have a hard time forgiving certain people or experiences?

You are welcome to the Erase Suffering Process!

The holistic health tradition of Ayurveda sees the mind as a layer of the human being which, just like the physical layer, contains channels (mano vaha srotas) through which information and energy flow.

The mind-channels need to be healthy and open in order to allow the mind to receive, sort, digest and assimilate the inputs that are beneficial to us, while discarding those that are not. 

The Erase Suffering Process (ESP) focuses on removing blockages in the mind-channels, so that life energy can flow freely.


Through gentle, rhytmical activation of the mind channels, which originate in the physical region of the heart and spread throughout the entire body, you will be able to dislocate stuck memories, neutralize their emotional charge, and eliminate the negativity. Your mind will become free to move on to new and fresh experiences.

This is a simple and surprisingly effective process. I guide you at every step, under the leadership of your own being. Your own awareness will show us exactly what memory you need to address, and what has to be released. All you need to do is follow the guidance and allow the release.

Important Note:

  • You may NOT book this service if you have a mental health diagnosis. The reason for this is that the session is provided online, and I can not be certain that you have enough support in case you need it when addressing deeper issues. 
  • If you have not worked with me before and are not sure if this process is for you, book a free introductory meeting and let’s discuss. 
"Very powerful. Liberating! It really went deep. A process that felt incredibly safe, I felt secure in the way you did it. I felt empowered, you made sure that I was always in control. It has clearly unlocked blockages that previously seemed permanent."

There are 2 steps to the Erase Suffering process:



Introduction & Techniques

The first session of the Erase Suffering process is a one hour conversation. 

We connect, I  explain the ESP process, and we make a general assessment of what painful feelings or memories you want to address in our next meeting. 

We then review some of your favorite techniques that you already use to center yourself. If you don’t have any such techniques, I will introduce you to some effective ones, and we will practice them together. 

I will also show you how to activate specific points on your body (marma points) to balance and strengthen the nervous system, and make it even easier to let go of mental and emotional toxicity.

We will do the actual release process in the next session (ESP-Step 2).

In this 90 minutes session, we will do the Erase Suffering Process, to identify, dislocate and release the stuck experiences, memories and underlying beliefs. 

The process involves accessing a higher state of consciousness from where you do some gentle tapping on key areas of your body, with guidance from me. Depending on your situation, we might apply auditory or visual stimulation instead. 

It is an easy and enjoyable process that has elements in common with ancient healing techniques like Nadi Shodana or Yoga Nidra, and with modern techniques known as tapping, EFT or EMDR. 

This second session can be repeated as many times as you wish, to address other difficult memories and emotions, and bring even more lasting freedom. 


Erase Suffering

The Process

Frequently Asked Questions

regarding the Erase Suffering Process

The first time you do the ESP process, you meet me for Step 1 (60 min) first, and at a later time we do Step 2 (90 min). 

After this initial introduction, you can book Step 2 as often as you like, and the sessions are always 90 minutes. 

The first time you do the ESP process, you meet me for Step 1 (60 min) first, and at a later time we do Step 2 (90 min). 

After this initial introduction, you can book Step 2 as often as you like, and the sessions are always 90 minutes. 

You can see the prices for ESP-Step 1 & 2, and for the discounted package that includes both, when you click a booking button, or on the Services page

You also receive a 10% discount coupon after your first ESP- Step 2 appointment, and a 20% discount after your third. 

The reason you should not do the Erase Suffering Process if you have a serious mental health diagnosis is that this process is done online. This means that I am not present in person, and can not see to it that you have the support you need in case you become aware of memories that upset or disturb you a lot. 

If your condition is not serious, and you are convinced that you have the necessary support, contact me or book a free introductory meeting and I will be happy to assess. 

It’s easy!

  1. Click on any booking button on this page or on the services page.
  2. Choose ESP Step 1 if you have not done this process with me before. If you have already done ESP Step 1,  choose Step 2).
  3. Choose a date and time that suits you.
  4. Fill in your details.
  5. Make the payment
  6. Check your email (even the spam folder!) for confirmation and more information.

Emails can be blocked by different providers, so if you have not received my email after 24 hours, please contact me!

I recommend that you do Step 2 the same week, or in the week after Step 1. This is because Step 1 is a necessary introduction and if too much time passes, you might forget important details when we do Step 2.

After the initial Step 1 and 2 series, you can book a new Step 2 session any time you wish, with no time limitations. 

Packages are a way to make it more affordable for you to have my help in a consistent manner at times when you are in the middle of a challenge or want to achieve a more substantial transformation. 

The ESP package includes Step 1 and Step 2, and is suitable for you if you have not done this process with me before. 

You book a package in the same way as my other services, and you choose the date/time for both session.

You can book your appointments through the Services page, or, if you are already a client, by going to your Client Dashboard

As soon as you purchase the package, you will receive an email with detailed information regarding your appointments. If you have not received my email after 24 hours, please contact me!

We will meet on the video platform It is very easy and you don’t need to download anything. It works on any device, through the browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari . 

Here is how it works:

  • As soon as you have made your booking, you will receive an email with appointment information and a link to the Sessions meeting. Please check your spam folder if you don’t get the email, and contact me if you can’t find it 24 hrs later. 
  • Click the Sessions meeting link a few minutes before our appointment.
  • Enter your name and the email where you want me to send any notes from our meeting. 
  • Click on Join Now. Allow access to your device camera and microphone. You will now see your video screen and can check your settings. 
  • When you are ready, click on Request to Join
  • At the time of our meeting I will show up too and we will start the session. 

It is important that you make arrangements so you can have a quiet space, and not be interrupted during our meeting.

I hope you will sit on a comfortable chair, with your back straight and well suported. Hunching or leaning backwards is not ideal. A pillow behind your back could be useful. 

In order for me to be able to guide you, I  will need to see not only your face, but also your upper body. To achieve this, you might want to place your device a bit further away from you, and higher up than usual. A pile of books on your desk can help bring your device camera to eye level. Please do a test before our meeting to make sure that your camera shows your whole upper body, from head to around the navel.

Another detail that will make the process enjoyable is that you can hear me really well. I recommend that you use a headset that is connected to your device through a cable (not bluetooth), if possible.

Other than that, a glass of water, or a cup of your favorite tea on your desk might be nice for you to have. 

Not at all. You can be anywhere in the world, as long as you have the needed internet connection. I am most often speaking from Sweden. 

No worries, when you make your booking, you will see your own time zone in my calendar. Also, in the email with appointment details, everything is shown in your time zone. 

Your time zone is based on the settings of your device, and you can see it confirmed above the calendar at the time of booking.

Yes, besides English, we can do the ESP process in Swedish or Romanian. 

You will be charged through the secure payment gate Stripe. Credit card is always an option. Depending on your location, there are also other ways to pay besides a credit card.

You will see your exact options when you arrive at checkout. 

If you live in regions that are far from Europe, or if you have a work schedule that makes it hard to find time slots in my calendar, contact me and I’ll try to help. 

If you live in regions that are far from Europe, or if you have a work schedule that makes it hard to find time slots in my calendar, contact me and I’ll try to help. 

Yes, there are other ways to receive my help. Check out the Counseling, Meditation and IM Healing categories on the Services page

If you have not worked with me before and want to see if the chemistry is right, and if this process is for you, you are more than welcome to book a free introductory meeting (30 minutes). You can do so on the Services page

If you can’t make it to an appointment, you can reschedule up to 48 hours before and a maximum of 2 times per purchase. To reschedule, go to your Client Dashboard and click Edit (pen symbol) and Reschedule on that appointment.  

You can cancel an appointment or package in the same way, by clicking the Cancel button. I am grateful if you free that time slot in my calendar in case you have to cancel, but kindly note that there are no refunds for cancellations. Read the complete Terms and Conditions

We all go through rough times occasionally. I’d love to help you, if and when I can. Contact me and I will let you know if there are any sponsorship spaces available at the moment. 

That is very generous of you, thank you! When you purchase the sponsorship option (here), you will be funding 50% of the fee and can choose to sponsor a 30, 60 or 90 minutes service. I add the other 50% myself.

Your kind gesture will make a sponsorship place available for someone who is asking for it. Both sponsor and sponsored will remain anonymous.  This way, we help each other help unconditionally, and make healing possible for even more people. 

You need a device with a camera, microphone, and a good enough internet connection to allow a video conversation. Most devices will work well with Sessions.

See details on system requirements, browser types, etc.

I recommend, if possible, that you also have a headset that is connected through a cable (not bluetooth). It is important that you hear me well. 

No. We will meet on Sessions, which is browser based and works with any device, without the need to install an app.

"Honestly, what was shocking was that the bitterness and disappointment I've felt for as long as I remember, something that was so much a part of me, could vanish so fast. Suddenly I was laughing at what looked so terrible to me before!"
Björn N.

In addition to ESP, there are many things you can do to take care of your mind and nourish its power to deal with challenges. One of the main tools for strengthening the mind is meditation, and you can learn to meditate or deepen your practice by meditating with me. You can aso book a counseling session to learn how to nourish your mental power and health by making the best choices regarding your diet, relationships and activities.

Aurora Carlson
I'm looking forward to meeting you soon in my video chatroom, a gentle and safe space for transformation and healing.
Let's speed up your journey to authentic freedom, power and joy!