Tackling the Pandemic with Ayurveda

This is a series of videos about how a deeper knowledge of our identity and capacity, as explained in the wisdom tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga can help us tackle the current pandemic and all the interrelated challenges we face. I will continuously add the videos and related information here, so if you are interested,… Continue reading Tackling the Pandemic with Ayurveda

If You Want to Change the World

If we see a lake as a metaphor for the body and physical world, then the sky is the mind reflecting itself in it. Such is the nature of our inner- outer world, the one is subtle and impossible to hold, the other is concrete, but still running through our fingers with the flow of… Continue reading If You Want to Change the World

A Few Words About Forgiveness

Note: You can watch this video on Instagram. A few words about forgiveness.  Many of us know that forgiveness is something we need to learn for our own good. But what is more important to realize is that forgiveness means different things depending on how we decide to approach life.  If we decide that we… Continue reading A Few Words About Forgiveness

Let’s Talk About Love

Note: You can watch this video on Instagram. Today I will talk about love.  I’m sure you know that many people are looking for love, and that’s a good thing. It’s actually a sign of health at times when our societies become colder, more impersonal, aggressive, competitive, fearful and… maybe even cynical. It’s a sign… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Love

3 Steps to Constant Happiness

It’s the holiday season and most of us are wishing others- and ourselves- Happy Holidays. But most people in the world are not happy, and most people don’t feel constantly blessed, regardless of how good their life might be. Are you maybe one of them? If so, let me try to help.  Be sure that… Continue reading 3 Steps to Constant Happiness

Is Permanent Happiness Possible?

Is it possible to be truly, deeply and PERMANENTLY happy? It depends on what you mean by “happy”. If you mean that things are always good and never bad, that you always win and never lose, that there are only highs and never lows… then no.  But there is another kind of happiness, a state… Continue reading Is Permanent Happiness Possible?

Loving Anything and Everything

Many people feel that love is lacking in their life. I think this is one of the most terrible forms of suffering. Love is necessary for life just like air, water and food. Without love, we might survive for a while, but life will be cold and difficult. With love on the other hand, we… Continue reading Loving Anything and Everything

The Empty Promises of the Ego

Time and again, my role as a counselor is to help people realize that they are exhausting themselves while chasing chimeras. The separate self, aka ego, is that mental image we have of ourselves, and it is by definition incomplete, insecure and in search of everything it lacks. When we have identified with the ego,… Continue reading The Empty Promises of the Ego

Q&A: Should I Stand Up to Unfair Friends?

Question: Kindly offer me your thoughts and perspective on something I experienced while relating with some friends: I was at a meeting with two friends yesterday and they upset me. I felt like they were being unfair in their actions towards me, and that I wasn’t being treated with the level of care with which… Continue reading Q&A: Should I Stand Up to Unfair Friends?

The Story of My Awakening, Part 5: Healing

If you have read my prior stories in this series, you know by now that I have been through many experiences that can’t be explained from the point of view of materiality. They led me to the realization of everyone’s true identity as pure awareness ( Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 ,Part 4 ). There are many sides to… Continue reading The Story of My Awakening, Part 5: Healing